Hi there!

My name is Jan (pronounciation: Yahn). - The last name, Gondol, comes from Hungarian 'think!'. 💡
This website explores the things I think about.

Quick bio & background

  • Open policy aficionado. Active in open government since 2014. Advocate for open education & open science, open data and open source software. Member of the Slovak Committee for UNESCO.
  • Activist: co-founder of SPy o.z. (Slovak Python civic association), the home of #PyConSK conferences.
  • Builder of things: fan of Python programming language & Django web framework.
  • Nerd. Four postgradual degrees, including a PhD in Library and Information Science.
  • Speaker at dozens of events and conferences, including TEDx.
  • New Europe 100 changemaker: recognized by Google & Financial Times.
  • From the ❤️ of Europe: based in Bratislava, Slovakia. Grew up on the foot of the High Tatras (#1 in LonelyPlanet's Best in Europe 2019). It's still my favorite spot.

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